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Project: Scarf is an RPG/Mystery game which follows the journey of a child and their Rocket Launcher as they try to escape a world full of demons and get back to their home.

With the Time Watch, you can manipulate the flow of time.

Travel into echoes of the past, or make your way into the distant future to solve the mystery.

Every Chapter you have a mission. Someone to save, something to fix; a key to place into a lock. Only, you aren't told where to go or what to do.

You must determine that path for yourself.

The World is alive and breathing.

Every character has their own story to tell... and their own fate. You can choose to fight them, help them, or move on. The result for each is unique.

They all have something. A misstep. A shortcoming.

Something, somewhere, sometime; they all slip up.

No one's perfect. No one's innocent.

And not everything is as it seems.

It's up to you to repair the broken timeline and save them all.

Or not.

For that is your choice. And that it will remain.

We hope to see you soon, and thanks for the support!Please note that this is a demo, and in early-access, so there are bound to be bugs! The Demo contains the first Chapter of the game, 'Chapter 0', and is still subject to change. Get a taste for the what's yet to come!

Contact Us - info@toxicsasquatch.com

Website - http://www.toxicsasquatch.com/

© 2016-17 Toxic Sasquatch Games

Install instructions

Double click the installer and run. Plain and simple, that right there! Controls are changeable in-game by accessing the menu with 'c' and selecting 'controls'.

Press 'F11' to enable super-large viewport mode, also known as 'ye olde fullscreen'.


Project Scarf - Demo 2017.exe 168 MB


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